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Saturday, August 25, 2012


The Republican Convention According to NPR

I took a road trip with my daughter this week and she tuned in NPR for a few minutes.  The section that caught my attention was a report on the upcoming Republican convention.  Here is what NPR believes is important for you to know about the Republican convention:
·         It’s a gathering of fat cat lobbyists
·         Buying the allegiance of Republicans
·         By renting out a whole restaurant for an entire week
·         With costs running into tens of millions of dollars
·         The Democrats are the good guys who tried to keep costs down and refusing to accept corporate donations but were forced into it by those corrupt Republicans so they set up a tax exempt charity for their convention.
That’s it.  That’s all you need to know about the Republican convention.  Oh, and there will demonstrators at the Republican Convention intent on disruption ... and they are Ron Paul supporters.  Got it?  Those peopleon the street waving Obama signs, drumming and "fighting the power" are Ron Paul supporters.
When NPR gears up for the Democrat’s convention I confidently predict that it will be a celebration of diversity, clean living and vows of monastic poverty that would make medieval monks proud. 

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tssfedWith the book Amateur, the film=2016, the MSM is having a heck of a time trying to keep up its brainwashing ala the NEA for nearly 70 years of just how evil Pubs are. The Dems, of course,saved the world, er, the USA, in spite of the welfare state, debts, deficts,trillions and trillions, and now Obamacare. So nothing but Fat Cats thos Pubs while the HollywoodLeft, the MSM, the lefty teacher unions and of course the Savior are just the salt of the earth........SOCIALISTS. YIKES.
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