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Sunday, August 05, 2012

A group of fabulous gay hipsters of pallor surrounding and harassing an old black man reading a Bible

These are the people the mainstream media are rooting for.

The man reading the Bible, I am sure, relates to Dan Cathy.   Via Ann Sorock at  Legal Insurrection  A good question for these times, are these homosexuals racist?  Speaking truth to power?  Note the "accusation" written in chalk on the sidewalk telling us he's really gay; are they saying that there's something wrong with that?   If I were into conspiracy theories I would suspect that Chick-fil-A hired a bunch of actors to stage this little play as a way of discrediting the same sex marriage movement.

Who knew that the rainbow flag was the flag of hate?


What’s developing is a replay of Occupy Wall Street, this time with more homosexuals.  The press loved OWS because it was their version of the Tea Party.  They promoted it, interviewed it, and told us how great this movement was.  And then people saw the pictures and read about the crimes, the rapes and the degradation; not in the MSM (the press shields the depravity of its pets from public view) but via the Internet. 

Like the OWS campers, these gays are deluded by the press in believing that they have the country behind them.  It’s the MSM delusion that I have written about before. The OWS, and now the homosexual community are invited to over-reach because they read the newspaper reports and are  fooled into thinking that they are part of a mass movement.  It’s easy when you read the Virginian Pilot and are told by the reporters and editors that there was a “public backlash” against Dan Cathy’s remarks about traditional marriage.  If there’s a public backlash against the affirmation of traditional marriage that must mean the public is on the side of same-sex marriage.  And if you and a bunch of your fellow homosexual men encounter an elderly black man reading a Bible, what is more natural than to taunt him – on camera – knowing that the public was behind you?  Just like Adam Smith just knew that verbally assaulting a young woman serving food in a Chick-fil-A would get him rounds of praise.  He believe it so much that he made a video of himself doing it.  And where did he get the idea that people would support his action?  Why in the same medium that told him about the “public backlash” against traditional marriage.

James Lileks eviscerates David Frum who’s telling us that government officials telling a private citizens that he can’t open a business because of his personal beliefs which happen to be shared by most people in the world, is not like Fascism at all.

No, of course not. It’s them Jeebus people getting all thin-skinned again. He notes some commentators who ascribed the attack on CFA a slam against Christianity - don't know how they get that idea (warning on that link; naughty lingo) then screws in his monocle to regard it all with a sigh of disdain:

The controversy over same-sex marriage has been left behind, as we plunge into America’s newest favourite competition: America’s Next Top Victim.
If you needed one more example of why the American political system so tragically fails to solve real-world problems, here it is, wrapped up with pickles and served with waffle fries.

If you needed one more example of why the American media so tragically fails to understand real-world people, there it is. Pickled.

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