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Monday, January 14, 2013


The David Gregory Rule in the Senate

David Gregory broke the law when he possessed and showed a magazine for a weapon on television in his Washington DC studio. DC forbids anyone in its jurisdiction from having a magazine capable of holding 30 bullets. David Gregory knew this but he did it anyway. And the Washington DC attorney whose job it is to prosecute David Gregory Irvin Nathan, a friend of the Gregorys, gave him a free pass.
Hence the David Gregory rule which states that if you are Liberal, powerful and influential in Washington DC you can commit the crimes that get the Little People arrested, prosecuted and thrown in jail.
There are a lot of David Gregorys in Washington. There are more than 50 of them in one chamber of the capitol, called the Senate. They are required by law, specifically the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 (CBA), to produce a budget resolution by April 15th of each year. They have failed to do this for four years.

Because of the David Gregory Rule.

Like the feckless DC Prosecutor, Irvin Nathan, there is no one who’s going to arrest Harry Reid for failing in his legal duty.

The media is, of course, delighted that Gregory skated. He’s one of theirs and he committed his crime in the cause of disarming the American people, a cause to which they are firmly committed. And while we have heard some snark on the Right, we have heard less than nothing from the MSM about the Senate’s failure to act in accordance with the law.
The American people are becoming used to seeing the rich and well-connected flout the law. Fast & Furious led to hundreds of deaths but not one criminal indictment. Democrat fat cat Jon Corzine illegally “lost” his customers roughly a billion dollars and he’s still bundling money for Obama. David Gregory waves an illegal large capacity magazine in front of the nation’s TV sets and gets not so much as wrist slap; instead he’s rewarded with an exclusive TV interview with the President. Harry Reid flouts the plain letter of the law at a time of severe economic stress and record setting budget deficits and not so much as a peep is heard from the prostitutes in the press. This may be a good time to ask: Can Democracy Survive When We Don't Trust Our Leaders?

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Double standards at their finest...
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