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Thursday, January 17, 2013


Gun grabbers make me nervous.

I’m a peaceful, law abiding citizen. I’ve never so much as thrown a punch in a fist fight. Don’t have temper tantrums, not much of a sports fan. Never played football, baseball soccer, or hockey. Batted a few tennis balls around in high school, and that’s not false modesty; I considered it a great accomplishment if when I got the ball over the net. As a sportsman, I was a great reader.

But I loved to shoot. I practiced marksmanship in my high school indoor range with the school’s .22 rifles. I saved up and got one of my own, a Marlin lever action .22 that I would take out in the fields and woods behind my house to plink away at cans, squirrels and the occasional crow. In college I got a deer rifle and went hunting in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, getting up in the dark to slog through snowy woods. It was great.

Over the years as I got older and lost my interest in hunting, I still kept my guns and even added a few handguns. Those were both for sport and for personal protection. Today I’m a senior citizen and less physically able to protect myself than ever. The ability to defend myself with a gun - in an extremity - is important to me. I have as much respect for the police as the next man, but the policemen always seem to be drawing a chalk outline around the victim rather than stopping the criminal in the act. The report that it took police 20 minutes to respond to the call for help from the Sandy Hook School should be engraved in the heads of everyone who thinks that the police are there to protect you from the bad guys.

But what worries me is the large number of people who want to disarm the regular American people even as the government increases its firepower. Local police have become increasingly militarized. There isn’t a metropolitan police force without a SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) Team, equipped with weapons that were once reserved for the armed forces including machine guns and armored vehicles. Meanwhile the President is raining death via missiles carried on remote control drones on people he classifies as “enemies.” And Liberals are fine with that. If they got their wish American civilians would be totally disarmed and the only guns would be in the hands of the government. Which, by the way, was the spark that actually began the American revolution against Britain.

And why do Liberals want the American people disarmed? Well, first, a disarmed people are much easier to control. It was a government bureaucrat in the Obama administration who explained his strategy for getting compliance was based on a Roman practice when they went a-conquering. As he explained it, the Romans would enter a town and crucify the first five people they met, as an object lesson, making the others much easier to control.

My sister who was teen in World War 2, grew up in Holland and experienced the rise of Hitler, the invasion, and the occupation. And she’s afraid because she is seeing history repeating itself.

In a comment in the Althouse blog “pastafarian” said:
“You know why we've never had a genocidal dictatorship here in the US? A well-armed citizenry. We're not morally or intellectually superior to the Germans, who produced Beethoven, Bach, Einstein, Bohr, and Kepler. There's only one thing preventing an American Hitler from springing up some day; and it happens to be the one thing Obama and his supporters would most like to be rid of.”

And here is the kind of Liberal (from the Wall Street Journal) who is not only grossly misinformed but who attributes evil motives to those who want to protect themselves ... and protect the Republic.
Ha, ha, ha, ha! Since the gun ban expired more than half of all mass murders in history have happened. The gun manufacturers have made billions off of ignorant people blinded by brainwashing pro gun propaganda that has nothing to do with common sense or reality. Right wing fools are so easily led and exploited, it kills more Americans than every other country with strict regulations and makes a few gun makers rich!
For some reason, the Left believes that it's possible to create a "new man."  But there is no such thing.  Americans are not a new race, a totally different breed. We are people who came here from all around the world; from countries whose people produced dictators and moral monsters, who oppressed their own people and murdered their opponents by the millions. There can be no better illustration than the fact that the culture in the Middle East has not evolved since the seventh century, despite the fact that "man" has already set foot on the moon.  Yet for some reason some people believe that America is immune from dictatorship or the imposition of a tyrannical government.   Or is it too cynical to think that some would really like to be the ones holding the whip if a tyranny is ever established here?

The Left tells us: "Nobody is going to take away your freedom.  You're being paranoid!"  Golda Meir told Henry Kissinger that "even paranoids have enemies."  Meanwhile the restrictions being proposed on gun ownership have been tried and found ineffective before.  So stop doing things that don't work, stop making us paranoid, stop the process of disarming the American people so that if the Left's "Great Satan" George Bush III is elected President we won't be turned into a dictatorship because there will be lots of guns in civilian hands.


got news for you. every one dog town and burg has a swat team(sometimes one barney with a hunting rifle and delusions of sniper fame) and armored cars. just rolled out a new mrap in my little hick town, that has yet to EVER have a hostage situation. starting with clinton, these town got millions designated "swat gear only". the cops are running around in bdu's, low slug holsters and sporting m4's for a dang traffic stop.....don't get me started on the libtard double standard. no prob calling for my death, no prob with obama's kill list, but let me shoot a coyote and its all over.
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