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Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Anti-Gun Publisher Hires Armed Guards

The woman who run the Gannett-owned Journal News, Caryn McBride, decided to hire armed guards when she began receiving what she perceived as threatening communications. It appears that she published the names, addresses and phone numbers of people with gun permits in two counties in their area and was roundly criticized for it.

Police would not take any action.
The cops told her there was nothing they could do, for the communications were not true threats and thus "did not constitute an offense."

So, not taking her own advice about disarmament, she decided to hire armed guns.

James Taranto:
This column does not begrudge the Journal News for exercising its Second Amendment right to armed self-defense. But doing so after attacking law-abiding citizens for doing exactly the same thing is the most stunning display of media hypocrisy we've seen since the "civility" frenzy of early 2011.
Of course she would like to see the "little people" disarmed while she feels free to hire guns to blow  away anyone who appears to be a threat to her.  But then she's merely doing what press baron Rupert Murdoch is doing when he calls for gun confiscation while surrounded by armed thugs.

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