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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Little Stalins all the way down

The Virginian Pilot finally threw in the towel on ObamaCare.

I was shocked to read their editorial The disaster of ObamaCare.  It was an incredible U-turn.

If you followed the Obama saga in the Virginian Pilot here’s a brief history of their editorial position. 

It all started with "The One."  Barack Obama was the Second Coming for people who did not believe in a heavenly savior. Those who opposed his policies were racist bigots.  Period.

Ignoring an economy in crisis, trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye could see, millions losing their  jobs, the Obama and the Democrats focused like a laser on taking control of the health care system. It was described as
ObamaCare was sold like “Shimmer” on Saturday Night Live: both a floor wax and a dessert topping. During the debate prior to its passage, at a time of record setting deficits, high unemployment and the “Great Recession” it was touted by Obama, Pelosi and Reid as the way to cut government spending, create jobs, spur the economy and bring American health care into the 21st Century and up to world standards under the brilliant guidance of the government.
When reality caught up with fantasy and ObamaCare was rolled out ...
... the Democrats in and out of the media panicked.

That brings us to the editors of the Virginian Pilot who, along with the rest of the MSM fed us these lies endlessly. With the wreckage of our health care system lying around us, they do what they do best, blame others.

Having the idea firmly planted in their brains that the answer to a collectivist disaster is another collectivist answer the editors demand that Republicans come up with THEIR PLAN. There has to be A PLAN because insurance companies are evil whose job it is to collect your premiums and refuse to pay your medical bills. Our Five Year Plan has failed Comrades, YOU come up with a new Five Year Plan. And if you don’t, you hate women, kids, the sick and the poor.

The editorial is also reminiscent of the man who tells his battered wife whose eye is now black and whose nose is bloody: “Why do you always make me do this?”

The Little Stalins at the Virginian Pilot are always looking for the collectivist solution. In their view, outside of the collective, without central planning, people are too stupid to make their own decisions and too stingy to help those who are less fortunate. Government is benevolent and corporations (except their own) are evil. 

Having their government plan blow up in their faces, they will not see, they cannot see, any solution other than a government solution.   

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