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Saturday, November 30, 2013


Two Days from Obamacare Website Fix Deadline, Site Failing

For reasons that I don't understand, the media  are talking as if December 1st will give us a new unveiling of the ObamaCare website.  That's not he case and it's going to make the "second coming" as big a bust as the initial introduction.  The MSM isn't going Obama any favors with this.

On Friday, Bloomberg News reported that two days before the Obama administration’s self-imposed December 1 deadline for fixing the Healthcare.gov website, the website remains disastrously “hit-and-miss.” Bloomberg reports:
From Florida to Alaska, the “navigators” designated to sign people up for insurance under the U.S. health-care overhaul say that while the federal online insurance exchange has improved in many ways since its Oct. 1 debut, outages and errors continue to prevent many from using it to buy their coverage.
Navigators quoted say that the site rates “four out of 10,” “kind of hit and miss,” and “not able to function at the capacity yet that capture the complications of people’s lives.”

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