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Sunday, November 17, 2013


The Cost of Press Corruption

The corruption I’m referring to is, of course, hiding the truth about ObamaCare until this monstrous fraud went into effect and imperiled the health care of everyone in the country.  The press knew before the law passed what the truth was, thanks to Congressional hearings Four years ago, GOP showed exactly what was false about Obama’s keep-your-coverage promise.  But in the words of "Instapundit" Glenn Reynolds, even after the truth was revealed:
  ....the press continued to treat Obama’s promise as true — and the critics as lying racists — until, oh, about last week or so.
The servile press knew that ObamaCare was designed to completely overturn America’s health care system. They knew that President Obama repeatedly lied when he said that people would be able to keep their health insurance if they like it. They knew that President Obama repeatedly lied when he said that people could keep their doctor if they like him. They knew that President Obama repeatedly lied when he said that people would see their premiums go down by $2500 under ObamaCare. The shameless hacks in the press were aiding and abetting a fraud on the American people knowing full well that it was a sting.   They wanted the American people thinking their health insurance and doctor were going to be there if ObamaCare was not the better bargain they were told it would be. They lied until it was too late.

Make no mistake, the bottom feeding scum suckers of the press were doing the lying. Of course they were repeating the lies of Obama, the father of this lie. But as the spreaders of this shameless propaganda they amplified and drove it home with endless repetition.

But, you say, that the press was fooled by Obama. On the contrary. There were plenty of people who could see the obvious:
  • That you could not insure millions more
  • Maintain the current level of care
  • Insure the chronically ill for the same price as the healthy
  • And still cut costs. 
If you genuinely believed that, you are a moron and should not be left unattended.

There were even those who bothered to read this 2000 page monstrosity and knew what the law said and how it was going to be implemented. To see the obvious did not require expertise in insurance or even in math, all it took was the reasoning ability of the average adult.

Of course the members of the press can fall back on the excuses that Obama’s been using: that he is unaware of things that every American knows. That “shovel ready jobs” aren’t, and that buying insurance is complicated. It’s really an admission of stupidity and it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that Obama’s that stupid; that his only skills are giving speeches and telling lies without remorse. But are the members of the press really ready to admit that they’re stupid? I’ll grant you that many are. After all, being able to write in complete sentences with the help of an editor is no guarantee that you can also tie your shoe laces. But there are literally thousands of people who call themselves reporters and editors and when you get that many people focused on an issue there is a certain amount of collective intelligence. Like the million monkeys who eventually end up writing all of Shakespeare by hitting random typewriter keys.   There is no excuse for ignorance in this, they knew. 

No, the logic of this scandal is that the press knew the President was pulling a “sting” and they were his happy co-conspirators. They adored the man, Obama, (he sent a thrill up their legs) and they loved the idea of government control so much that they were willing to scam the American people. And now that the scam’s exposed they are trying to tell everyone that they’re innocent.

But that’s a lie. Obama knew he could not carry off the con without the active connivance of the press. Like Newman and Redford in The Sting, Obama needed a large cast of characters to fool his marks and the press enthusiastically volunteered. Obama got what he wanted, the press got what it wanted and the American people have been fleeced of their money, their insurance and their doctors.  Now the press is busy cleaning up and covering up their part in the scandal.  To convince people to quietly walk away.  This is called "cooling the mark." 

In my local paper this morning there is an article about a public meeting on ObamaCare.  The reporter referred to the ObamaCare lies as "mistakes" and quoted the government shill defending this bill as part of the "social contract."  I want to know who signed this particular contract for me because I didn't.  They are trying their best to get us to walk away and accept their scam after a brief grumble.   Sorry.  There are too many shoes still to be dropped.  The people who get their insurance through their employers are going to find that they have also been scammed, like the  people who bought their insurance as individuals.  The biggest parts of this scam are ahead of us; the effects have barely begun.  The ones who participated in it, Democrats in government and in the press, are going to regret it.  Many of us are not marks and we won't be "cooled."

NOTE: This has been edited since first posted.

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This is the smartest analysis I've ever seen about Obama's ACA, and I'm an info/news freak !! I have believed similarly for 3+ years now.
Are you retired? What type of career ? I am SO impressed. And I missed Glenn Reynolds' stmt that you quoted..... read his blog often. I'm in a hurry to get to work (consulting pension actuary "in charge" of MANY retmt plans for companies). You can probably google some comments of mine in other places " sbourg "
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