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Saturday, November 16, 2013


The "Knockout" Game

It's a Black thing, you wouldn't understand.

Apparently it's gotten popular enough that the news media has finally discovered it. Up to now they pretended it didn't happen.  The victims and perpetrators were not the right color to fit the Liberal narrative.

A few Baltimore ("Charm City") residents having themselves a little fun.
Jews feel picked on, but they're just random victims. 
The press is very, very good at hiding things they don't want discovered. Like the fact that Obama lied about ObamaCare which they knew but covered up for three years. 
They even cover up racist gang attacks on their own, like this example from the Virginian Pilot. 
And remember Trayvon Martin?  There were any number of conjectures as to why he attacked George Zimmerman.  Having read about the attack in Baltimore, I was always of the opinion that he was just playing the "Knockout" game.  The attack described by Zimmerman fits the description.  But Zimmerman wasn't knocked cold and Trayvon lost the game.

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Knockout, a good topic for the next diversity forum about why white people are so racist.
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