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Monday, May 26, 2014


Does the Virginian Pilot Staff Lie About Voter Fraud or are they Ignorant?

What's interesting about this report is not that NBC found voter fraud, but that it only found the easily identified voter fraud.  How many people are called up for jury duty so that their records can be cross checked with their voter registration?  How many other ways can people ineligible to vote, vote?  The answer is: lots.

The Virginian Pilot, like most of the MSM denies that voter fraud exists or is a problem. But they take it as an article of faith. They don't investigate. Instead, they look away or ignore when evidence is found of voter fraud. Then they do the inexcusable: they smear those who want to reduce voter fraud of racism. It's their all-purpose IED. It's designed to destroy, to main, to intimidate and to silence.

We understand that the Virginian Pilot is a sinking ship, with severe financial problems and a shrinking advertising base. So the people who work there are hunkered down, realizing the at the future for them is grim, hoping that the end will not arrive before they are retired.

But reports like this could revitalize readership.  Speaking to a woman of a certain age the other day I was interested top learn that the only two parts of the Virginian Pilot she reads are the comics and the puzzles.  "Remove the puzzles" she said "and no more Virginian Pilot."  

I may be wrong, but I believe that if the Pilot were to do a study like the one done by NBC they would find at the same thing happening here as in Florida.  But that would go against the philosophy of the newsroom, and won't happen, even if it could get more readers.  

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