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Saturday, May 03, 2014


Ann Coulter views Sterling's morals from a fresh perspective

Ann had the same thoughts I had, which shows how much we differ from the morality of modern culture.

I had listened to roughly eight hours of commentary on Donald Sterling and the ugly remarks he made in conversations secretly tape-recorded by his girlfriend, before I heard anyone mention a wife.


Ann has an amazing amount of detail that you don't get if all you know about Donald Sterling is what you read in the papers.
The fact that this 80-year-old human-manatee, married with three children, has been openly consorting with prostitutes for decades does not account for 1 percent of the media's outrage against Sterling.

Oh, and it wasn't a secret. He sued one of his prostitutes.
About a decade ago, Sterling sued a prostitute he had been seeing, for the return of property he had given to -- as he called her -- this "$500-a-trick freak." ...

So what can we learn from the Sterling scandal?

First: Boy, have morals changed! (At least among our media watchdogs.)

In 1947, it was a scandal when Leo Durocher stole a married woman from her husband -- and promptly married her, even living apart pending a final divorce decree. Today, a married team owner can bring his prostitutes to games and give detailed accounts of their copulations and it's not even an issue.

Second: No conclusions about race in America can be gleaned from the utterances of this repellent man.

We can also learn a lot about the sexual morals of the media. About what they consider bad and what they view with admiration.   Oh, forget it, it's something we already knew.

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who in the media is saying that it's ok that he has a mistress? NO ONE.

The reason why the racism is a bigger deal than the infidelity is because the majority of Sterling's team is black.

Why does everything in the news cycle have to be interpreted through such a bizarre conservative victim mentality?
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