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Wednesday, May 07, 2014


It didn’t take long for the Smart Diplomacy crowd to throw away Ronald Reagan’s victory in the Cold War.

All anyone can hope for now is that they don’t go all the way back and throw away FDR’s victory in World War 2.

A repeat of Jimmy Carter's failures would now be a major victory for Team Obama.

The pace of catastrophe has been so rapid that rather than taking decades, history is returning a verdict on the Obama administration in just months. Things aren’t working out as planned. As Obama’s biographer pithily put it “the world seems to disappoint him”. All that is left to the former van drivers and pitchmen turned national security wonks now is denial. “The Obama administration and House Democrats said Monday they were undecided about whether to take part in or boycott an election-year investigation by Republicans into the Benghazi attack that killed four Americans.”
But the Hope and Change brigade put altogether too much store in spin and PR to overcome hard reality — and reality won.

The fact that he famously chicken-hearted risk-adverse Speaker has actually appointed a special committee should tell you that the Beltway boys know a lot more than has so far been revealed and that Benghazi is a bigger effing deal, and that the MSM has not been able to bury this pile of manure.

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