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Friday, May 09, 2014


Running away from the sound of the guns

Someone at the highest level of the United States government made the decision to abandon the American consular staff In Benghazi to their fate. Democrats in and out of the media don’t think it’s worth talking about.

Two incredibly brave men, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods fought for hours before they were killed, waiting for the cavalry to arrive. But Team Obama decided not to send help. And the desire to find out who made this decision is ridiculed by Liberals. They think the death of brave men who Obama turned his back on is a joke, giggling at “Benghazi.” Apparently nobody but the rubes who watch Fox News care while the Reality Based Community™ thinks it’s a hoot that a movie maker in Los Angeles got blamed. Ha, ha. It’s a reflection of the morality of Obama’s enablers that so many think it’s a laughing matter and uncovering the truth is a partisan issue.

The President knew within half an hour what was going on and who was involved, but he disappeared and somebody came up with a ridiculous cover story that the media bought hook, line and sinker. Not because it made sense, but because they wanted to.

The official explanation why no help was sent was because there was no time. But this was an attack, not a hockey game lasting 60 minutes. Even if help had not arrived in time to save our men, at least it could have prevented the attackers from swanking around the ruins of the embassy, showing how they humiliated the “great Satan.”

So who made the decision not to send help and why? Does it make the claim that al Qaida is decimated questionable? Were these men left to die because sending the military would make the Obama narrative unhelpful? That’s a coldness that would make Putin proud.

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