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Saturday, May 09, 2015


Here's an idea for Christians: start shooting people that insult your religion.

The MSM is blaming Pam Geller for the violent attack in her event in Texas.  "She shouldn't provoke and insult people's deeply held religious beliefs."

da Tech Guy writes:
While all of this blame on Pam Geller might bring back memories of the Jim Crow era when Newspapers & pols blamed attacks against blacks on civil right crusaders provoking otherwise peaceful people into violence which would beg the question: Does the media have any shame? (No they don’t) but I don’t think that’s the real lesson of the day.

I think the real lesson is for Christians, particularly protestants who believe in “Once saved always saved” to grab their guns bombs start shooting.

By the left’s argument we have established responsibility for religious violence lies at least in part, for the person who commits an act that acts provokes ones deeply held religious beliefs.

Well if drawing a cartoon for display at a private event what about a Gay pride parade? Or forcing someone to bake a cake for a Gay Wedding or forcing a JP to perform one? After all Sodomy is one of the sins that “Cry out to heaven for vengeance?” Wouldn’t taking vengeance for such a sin would be justified?

OK then, now that we know what the rules are, bring it on!

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