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Saturday, May 09, 2015


News Media Have Become 'Radicalized' and 'Marginalized'

Appearing on FBN's Cavuto Friday night, MRC President Brent Bozell argued that the news media are losing the trust of the American public because they've become more "marginalized" and "radicalized" during the Obama years, deliberately ignoring news "if it harms the narrative of the left."...

Both MRC's Bozell and The Hill's Lauren Ashburn agreed that the media were too infatuated with government to act as an effective watchdog. But when Ashburn disagreed that journalists were ignoring liberal scandals, pointing to recent coverage of the Clinton Foundation scandal, Bozell called that "nonsense."

They have not gotten to the bottom of a single one of the Obama scandals....Look at the IRS, look at Benghazi, look at the VA, look at so many scandals -- they've been dropped. This one, this Clinton one, will be dropped as well.

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