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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


What does the Supreme Court Think About "Less Crunchy" Abortions?

Was this what the ultimate defenders of abortion rights had in mind?

The public relations department at Planned Parenthood is probably working overtime today, as there’s yet another undercover video of some of their top officials casually discussing over dinner and drinks at a nice restaurant the sale of organs from the fetuses are that aborted at their clinics....

Both high officials acknowledge that Planned Parenthood would be willing to use different abortion techniques to harvest salable fetal organization, or “less crunchy” ones in the gruesomely tone-deaf terminology of one, and at this point we can ascertain whether the women who signed those consent forms that Planned Parenthood boasts of were informed of what risks those procedures might entail.
Making sure the baby comes out with salable organs intact does require a procedure that's harder on the woman than simply cutting the baby up and sucking out the parts.

Keep in mind that 58 million dead babies later, the American people never voted for abortion on demand.  It was imposed as a Diktat by the Supremes who discovered the right to kill babies in the womb in the "penumbras and emanations" of the US Constitution.  Attempts by elected officials to alter or abolish the practice are routinely swatted down by the Liberal Bloc of the court, defenders of the right to "crunchy" or "less crunchy" abortion.

We suspect that they are not nearly as troubled by the practice they created as people in general.  Members of the Ruling Class don't typically frequent Planned Parenthood; they have more refined facilities what are higher priced and don't feel the incentive to shop baby organs around.  On the other hand, we could be wrong; perhaps its an abortion industry standard.

We thought we would ask the Supremes for their opinion so we asked them via e-mail and are waiting a reply.

If you want to ask the Supremes themselves, you can do so here.

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