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Saturday, July 04, 2015


Here is all you need to know about the Greek crisis.

Here's what George Papadopoulus, a 52-year old living in Dalston, London, sent in:
I am 52 years old, and get a Pension of €1,400 per month, and dont know if i will get the next payment. I would vote NO, i have been retired since the age of 50 and get the money sent from Greece, and can use the council Gyms in London for free, free meals on wheels from Hackney Council, it is a good life.

Another response from Ioannis:
I vote for yes and I totally agree with Nikos.
There's something you can't understand unless you live in Greece. In this country we have communism not capitalism, but still everyone blames capitalism.

Everyone lives from the state. Even the private sector lives from the state in many ways, for example by not paying taxes and not getting punished for that.

I was in the Greek university for many years (diploma + MSc) and I experienced the terrorism of the leftists every single day. Supporting a different opinion is a reason for them to use physical and psychological violence against you. The universities are occupied by student/wannabe politicians (PM Tsipras was one of them) for several months per year. I won't continue, because I may say things that will sound unreal to you and lose credibility.

One last thing: Not wanting reforms goes against the human nature of desiring the development. I believe my nation needs a different education and this has to start from school, where kids should learn how to be good people, not how to be good communists.

Greece appears to be a country in denial. It's one large college campus full of entitled people who have no idea how anything is made, why anyone needs to work to stock grocery store shelves. That ATM machines don't fill themselves. Imagine a whole country on welfare and you see Greece.

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