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Sunday, July 05, 2015


At the current rate of Muslim immigration to the west, gay marriage is just a temporary condition.

Mark Steyn makes an interesting point. In Europe there are areas when the rule of Sharia prevails and the rule of Western law does not. Who will win the dispute when Islam and Gay collide? Judges can impose gay marriage because Christians are not going to cut off anyone's head. Anthony Kennedy won't have to worry about Christians urging churchgoers to kill him.  Not so with Islam, where gays have a choice between being thrown off high buildings or having surgery to be transformed into the gender of their choice. Which leaves the interesting question: what's the surgical procedure for the other letters of the LBTGQ alphabet?  

Islam is a religion where disagreement does not result in an angry letter to the editor but with a fatwa demanding your death.

Swimming against the tide is grueling - but tides ebb and flow. Kate McMillan doesn't think the civilizational clash between the dar al Islam and the dar al Gay is much of a showdown:

At the current rate of Muslim immigration to the west, gay marriage is just a temporary condition.

She's right on that. I don't want to wind up with a choice between the twin totalitarianisms of soulless state-regulated hyper-sexualized semi-tyranny and sharia - because, if that's what it comes down to, I know who'll win. But conservatives have spent the supposed "end of history" winning a zillion elections, and losing everything that matters. To most of the so-called millennials, conservatism is entirely invisible except as a Jon Stewart punchline - and that invisibility was largely our choice. Instead of launching another radio show or news aggregator or think-tank, never mind obsessing over whether Jeb or Jindal or Christie will play better in Iowa, we need to make like the Islamic mullahs and the sex mullahs and start competing for the space where people actually live.

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