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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Trump Teachable Moment: How Come Liberals Can Savage McCain's Service?

Limbaugh on Trump and McCain.

The Republicans are always on defense on things like this. It aids this conventional wisdom I was describing in the previous half hour. The convention wisdom is that a statement like this is made by Trump, and everybody in the country's outraged by it, not just the media, not just the Democrats, not just Washington politician, but everybody. They're outraged in Boise. They're outraged in Tuscaloosa. They're outraged in San Francisco. They're outraged in Tijuana. They're outraged in Juarez. They're outraged in Mexico City. They're outraged in New York City, everywhere, Trump is hated universally, is the presumption, and therefore he's got to go.

He doesn't have a prayer because, as a Republican and as a confident braggadocio, he's a mean guy. The fact that he doesn't have a lot of public humility makes him a mean guy. Democrats are all nice people. Look, McCain has called Tea Party people hobbits, crazies, and in fact, let me find something here. I've got a Stack on all this stuff. Maybe it's the bottom one here. It's not the one I'm looking for. In 2008, seven years ago, Politico. Right here my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. "Some on Left Target McCain's War Record." It's by Ben Smith.

Read the whole thing.

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