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Friday, February 12, 2016


What is Bernie Sanders hiding about his radical history?

You mean other than honeymooning in Russia?

It’s long been known that the only self-professed socialist in the Senate spent time on a kibbutz, or communal farm. Nothing wrong with that. But so tight-lipped has Sanders been about it that the Israeli daily Haaretz put its reporters on the mystery.

“One of Israel’s best-kept secrets” is how the paper described the name of Sanders’ kibbutz. At one point it thought it had found the senator’s name in a kibbutz archive, but it turned out to be a Bernice Stamder.

Haaretz finally solved the mystery last week, with the discovery, in its own files, of an interview Sanders gave to the paper back in 1990. In it, the future senator speaks of spending time on a kibbutz called Shaar Haamakim.

The kibbutz, according to the Times of Israel, belonged to an Israeli political party called Mapam, which had in the 1950s “been a communist, Soviet-affiliated faction.” It said kibbutz members “had admired Joseph Stalin until his death.”

And it appears that Sanders, like Obama doesn't like America. Read the whole thing.

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