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Friday, February 19, 2016


National Review Weenie on Trump - and the Horrible Fix the Republicans are in.

Donald Trump is running amok in the GOP china shop and gleefully tearing the place up.
They see no way out:
The key to Trump’s strength, which buttresses all his outrageousness, is that his supporters want someone to blow up the system. So there's almost nothing he can say or do that will discredit him in their eyes, and the least destructive scenario for his defeat — Trump blows himself up — will take some doing on his part.
What Lowry still doesn't get is that Trump is his creation, and the rest of the Republican Ruling Class.  You can only have so much contempt for the well-being of the Country Class before they pick up their pitchforks and storm the castle.  You sided with the Country Class in the culture war ... and lost.  At the same time you were destroying their economic base.  You were exporting their jobs and sacrificing their future on the alter of "comparative advantage."  It was a pain you never felt as economic powerhouses - like Wal Mart - were built on the basis of importing stuff all labelled "Made in China."  

The truth will only dawn when columns can be written by cheap labor in Asia and Lowry is given the pink slip.

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