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Saturday, February 27, 2016


Bernie Sanders Wooing the Black Vote

Imagine that you are an elderly white man, hair whiter than Wonder bread; a man who took his brand new wife to honeymoon in the USSR because he thinks that Stalin had the right ideas.

A man who wants to run as President carrying the banner of the party that fought to preserve slavery in the Civil War.

A man whose chosen party is the party of the Ku Klux Klan.

A man whose chosen party’s revered elder statesman is a perjurer and a rapist.

A man whose rival for that party’s nomination is an elderly white woman who made it possible for America’s enemies to steal her most highly classified secrets.

Suppose you are this elderly white man and want to get the votes of the most solid block of voters for the Democrat party; the Black vote.

What do you do in 2016?

You sit down with the man who made Tawanda Brawley famous – Al Sharpton.

You fly to be with the man who instigated the murderous Crown Heights riots – Al Sharpton.

You have breakfast with the man who incited a black mob to burn down a store Jewish-owned store in Harlem that killed seven people – Al Sharpton.

You sit down with the man whose fame and fortune was made as a race hustler – Al Sharpton.

Nearly eight years after America elected – and re-elected - a black President you, Mr. White Bread Socialist know how to get the Black vote; you have coffee with Al Sharpton.

To quote Jon Gabriel on Twitter: “My favorite part about the Obama era is all the racial healing.”

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On the left, from the party of diversity, you have an old white guy who wants to tax everything to make everything else free. Then there's an older white woman who has been one step ahead of the law most of her life.

On the right you have a reality tv star who has made millions using other people's money, questionable tactics and foreign labor while screaming about open borders and everything else that crosses his mind, many of them crass, untrue and nasty. Then you have a retired doctor who started out looking good but has since suffered from self mutilation while blaming others for his missteps. He is sidling up to the guy who helped destroy his chances with an obnoxious rant while hating the guy whose crime was reporting what the media said about him. Yeah, that was foolish to believe the media. Then there's a former conservative who now believes the president should get involved with the Apple and FBI conflict. John where do you think the FBI got the idea to muscle Apple? Then there's a Latino of Cuban heritage who was against illegal aliens in English, but not so much in Spanish.

Then there's another Latino of Cuban origin who seems to be trying to do what he said he would do in Washington. He's upset a lot of people who have a vested interest in keeping things they way they are.

I know a lot of people like the reality show star but I just try to imagine four years of having this guy spouting off from the oval office. Now he's threatening newspapers with rewriting libel laws so he can sue them if they say bad things about him. I think eight years of a narcissist is plenty. I'll take a pass on eight more. I just feel sorry for all the folks who aren't turned off by his vicious mouth. Reminds me of the scripture: the mouth speaks what the heart is full of Luke 6:45.
I like Cruz too. But right now a vote for Cruz is a vote for Rubio. Going Trump.
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