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Sunday, January 15, 2017


Reluctant Trump voter Klavan on Trump and the Press

And then there's the press. Nothing against Jim Acosta, who was doing his job, but Trump was right about CNN's coverage. It's biased trash. They — and the New York Times and the networks — have turned a blind eye for eight years of scandal while Obama turned Washington into a Chicago-like Democrat machine. Now, suddenly, in their hatred for Trump, they've rediscovered their journalistic testosterone and we're supposed to respect them for it? Screw 'em. As long as Trump doesn't do anything really evil like turn the IRS on his enemies or acquire journalists' phone records or persecute political opponents or scuttle FOIA requests (all of which Obama did), the First Amendment will survive a president who knows how to stand up for himself against the MSM Lie Factories.

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