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Thursday, January 26, 2017


Stock Market Gained $2T in Wealth Since Trump Elected

"This could be the start of a big bull market rally," Moore said on Risk & Reward, noting the market today crossed 20,000 point threshold.

Elizabeth MacDonald recounted how former President Barack Obama told a crowd in 2016 that Trump would need a "magic wand" to bring lost jobs and manufacturing back to America.

Teamsters' Hoffa: Trump Doing What We've Talked About for a Decade

Here's How Trump Could Make Mexico Pay for the Border Wall

Trump: Today, US Gets Back Control of Its Borders

Moore said that statement, compounded with Democrats' becoming "subservient" to billionaire Tom Steyer and his climate-change-advocate allies, have opened the door for union cooperation with the White House.

"We want jobs, not a radical climate change agenda," Moore said in characterizing union bosses' political mindset.

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