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Friday, January 20, 2017



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Picture of a fool

Ann Coulter takes "Republican" Matthew Dowd apart .... in his own words.

Excerpt ...

On April 3, Dowd said Trump "can't win a general election for all intents and purposes." ("For all intents and purposes" is what consultants add to nothing-burger statements to make them sound weighty.)

Trump won the election -- and he won it with far more electoral votes than Dowd's candidate ever got.

On May 1, Dowd said, "It's going to be a men-versus-women election, unfortunately.”

Trump won
As for Trump winning the general election, Dowd declared it "unlikely." (Based on his fantastical recollections of his own predictions, I assume he is currently claiming to have predicted Trump's win in the general election.)

In the week leading up to the election, Dowd was a whirling dervish of soothsaying on Twitter:


"@matthewjdowd Any expenditure of time or money by Trump in PA, VA, MI and NH is a total waste. Campaign mismanagement if they keep it up.”

Of the four states Dowd considered "a total waste" for Trump to campaign in, he won the two biggest, worth more than twice as many electoral votes as the other two combined -- and one of those he lost by only 0.3 percent.

NOVEMBER 2 E Hillary did not win Arizona.

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