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Friday, June 02, 2017


How to get the country on your side ...???

Kurt Schlichter

A few years ago it was their collective swoon over the scuzzy shenanigans of the filthy lowlifes of what they called the “Occupy Movement.” But that Astroturf farce was only a “movement” to the extent that progs imagined that footage of its coterie of clowns executing bowel movements against cop cars was going to win over normal people.

Okay, that didn't work, so the next brainstorm was to decide to refuse to recognize the results of the 2016 election – no doubt the people who left the Democrats would be convinced to return to a party that has made its centerpiece #TheResistance to what those voters voted for. And how better to appeal to the regular folks who chose Trump over Felonia von Pantsuit than, “Why, let's have thousands of hideous crones wearing hats evoking genitalia march around talking about how working class men are bad.”

Yeah, no. That failed too. Have you seen any v-caps lately? Gyno headgear is now “La Macarena” of political novelty acts.

When wearing lady parts on their pointy skulls somehow didn't make normal Americans think, "These are sane people and I should take one of their brochures to learn more about their political teachings,"

Of course the Virginian Pilot managed to write gushing reviews of women wearing pussy hats.  The Virginian Pilot celebrates every crazy thing the Left does because it is them.

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