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Friday, June 09, 2017


Kabul, Afghanistan, 1972 - Nothing-to-do-with-Islam

Kabul, Afghanistan 1972

Will you look at that.

No burkhas.

No hijabs.


And no bearded thugs with automatic weapons driving around in pickup trucks.

It looks like this is an American city.

I've seen similar photos of Tehran from prior to 1979.

Also Beirut. Did you know that Beirut used to be called "The Paris of the Mideast"?

Yes, it did.

But then, something must've happened in that part of the world.

Something terrible.

Something absolutely devastating and soul-crushing.

We may never know what it is, though.

It's a complete mystery.

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This looks normal to us. It did not look normal to them. You cannot turn the world of a primitive people upside down and not expect a backlash. The Russian war was the catalyst the primitives needed to get their world back and they went too far in the process. Having the regal dynasty die out at just the wrong time threw it all out of balance.
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