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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Wait for it: "we need to beware of "backlash" against leftist Democrats"

Never mind that one of Bernie Sanders most ardent supporters and Rachel Maddow superfan tried to assassinate a bunch of Republican congressmen.  What we have to be concerned about is a backlash against Democrats who want to behead, stab or defenestrate Donald Trump.

Bet on it in tomorrow's Virginian Pilot.  

All in all  Hodgkinson's comments on Facebooks and in his published letters was rather typical of the people whose letters are published daily in the Virginian Pilot and echo the editorial position of the paper's editors.  This is the problem.  The man who tried to assassinate Republicans was not a deranged nut; he was firmly in the mainstream of the Democrat party.   

Mark Steyn:

Such traditions [the congressional baseball game] are difficult to sustain in a culture where pop stars are making videos pulling guns on the President, and comedians are swinging around severed presidential heads, and theatregoers are willing to pay Broadway prices to see Julius Trump stabbed to death on the Ides of March. In this new ball game there are college professors calling for Republicans to be "lined up and shot" - and helpfully clarifying "That's not hyperbole." Upon arrival, one notes, the shooter asked a spectator whether it was the GOP or the Democrats on the field. On receiving the answer he wanted, he advanced upon his target.

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