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Wednesday, August 09, 2017


Maybe Republicans want to lose the House

Don Surber:

Mike Kelly was the Erie, Pennsylvania, car dealer who challenged Democratic Congresswoman Kathy Dahlkemper in the Tea Party Year of 2010, and beat her by 10 points. His margins of victory were bigger in 2012 and 2014, and last year he ran unopposed.

Home from Washington this month, Congressman Kelly sees an America the media does not see.

From Fox Business News:

"Back home, people aren't mad at the president. They're mad at the Republican Party for not working with the president to try and get things done," said Rep. Mike Kelly (R., Pa.), who said he hears complaints while doing errands at Wal-Mart in a district that Mr. Trump handily won.

How Republican lawmakers respond to such frustration -- and whether they move past the health defeat or get swept back into that fight -- will determine whether the GOP-led Congress returns as a unified force. August is the longest recess of the year, and constituents can both energize and draw energy from lawmakers who appear at town halls and other meetings.
Many Republicans are worried that an inability to deliver major legislative accomplishments would result in significant GOP losses in midterm congressional elections. Although Republicans have a favorable map in 2018 that should bolster their chances of holding their Senate majority, GOP strategists see a greater risk of losing control of the House.
The story went on about polls and the like which show gloom and doom for Republicans hanging on to the House.

Certainly the Senate is unhelpful.

And what is Paul Ryan's incentive to stay on as speaker? He could make five to ten times as much money as a lobbyist. He's never going back to Wisconsin. He is a creature of the swamp. He has lived in Janesville only one year since turning 18, and that was to run for Congress the first time. College in Ohio followed by living in Washington.

Eric Cantor lost a primary to David Brat. Cantor was rewarded with a nice lobbying job.

'Tis their nature. Washington has become a magnet for men of weak will and poor character.

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