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Monday, December 03, 2018

Are we in the Based era?

Could be because the current system is becoming ever more disfunctional:

Corporations can pillage our privacy and pocketbooks without it being anything beyond a two-day news cycle. In Japan, more men are choosing digital girlfriends than actual female mates. And they’re not mating, obviously. Europe is shushing its no-go zones, raping ghettos, and has criminalized speech. In America, the media, which has been wrong about everything, resists reform forcing them into a parallel reality not rooted in anything but the perception of popular opinion. Our oligarchs obsess over automation, AI, and algorithms. We’re told the future is full of sex robots, soy meals, fiat digital currency, and unavoidable spying.
The Based Era runs contrary to the current leg of the Information Age because it fulfills some of the first hopes of the Age of Enlightenment, the Renaissance, and the original promise of the Information Age.

Based men and women are the pioneers, the rebellion, the dissenters, the crazy ones, the rabble rousers.

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