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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Meet the Left-Wing Troll Who Creates Fake News to Expose Conservative 'Stupidity'

It turns out that a lot of the fake news is produced by a Liberal who does it to make people look foolish.  
From his home in Portland, Maine, Christopher Blair creates and then shares with the world many of the fake news stories that plague social media sites. The BBC explains how the son of liberal Democrats (who is himself a liberal) began a career creating fake news with titles like "BREAKING: Obama, Soros and the Dems Ordered The Shutdown to Stage A Coup":

I get a lot of this kind of stuff in my email. 
No doubt, like me, you have family members and friends who swallow — hook, line, and sinker — articles like the ones Christopher Blair writes. Hopefully, unmasking Blair will help encourage our more gullible friends and family members to do a little research before sharing every anti-Clinton article they see on Facebook.

Christopher Blair is Putin's willing accomplice.

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