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Friday, December 14, 2018

Mark Steyn: "Sapphic Sharia Same-Sex Slavers in Secaucus!"

~In that respect, the more interesting federal prosecution in the news yesterday was an under-reported story out of New Jersey. Per The North Jersey Record:

Feds: NJ woman forced Sri Lankan woman to marry her, enslaved her for 9 years
"NJ woman"? One of those real-housewives-of-New-Jersey types? No, this is one of the real housewives of the new New Jersey:

A Secaucus woman has been accused of enslavement for allegedly forcing a Sri Lankan national to work for nine years without pay, federal prosecutors said.

Ah, a "Secaucus woman": That narrows it down. Any chance of a name?

Alia Imad Faleh Al Hunaity, 43, was arraigned Wednesday in federal court in Camden and charged with forced labor, alien harboring and marriage fraud...

What did "Sri Lankan nationals" do to deserve being enslaved by these crazy out-of-control "Secaucus women"?

America's newspapers would rather go out of business than tell you anything approximating to the reality of the situation - that this is a wealthy woman from Araby who would like to live as she does back in Saudi or the Emirates, which means importing the indentured servants she enjoys back in the old country. A third of the population of Saudi Arabia are "foreign workers", mostly laboring in agriculture or domestic service. Just shy of a million are Sri Lankan. Because Saudis are the laziest buggers on the planet, and, having been enriched by oil, have no desire to make so much as a cup of tea for themselves.

So Ms al-Hunaity brought over her servant, enslaved her, and, in order to evade US immigration law, entered into a fake lesbian marriage:
Secure in the knowledge that Allah will cut them some slack, they're willing to do whatever it takes - including tying the same-sex knot in order to import their slaves. One day the last elderly Episcopalian gays in San Francisco will notice that every other couple in the Castro District now seems to be a chap called Mohammed and the fetching young Bangladeshi houseboy who never leaves the house.

If you find the vibrancy of multiculturalism totally vibrant, stories like the above are far more interesting than whatever used to be in the paper before Secaucus women started pretending to be hot under the hijab for Tamil totty willing to do the jobs Americans won't do, like being same-sex Sharia slaves for immigration fraudsters. As Steve Sailer adds:

See, immigrants are too assimilating rapidly to modern America's highest values, such as gay marriage, creating more social progress than you thought imaginable. Did boring old white 1950s white men like Dwight Eisenhower engage in lesbian marriage slavery?

I don't think so!

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