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Friday, May 24, 2019

Ralph Northam Thinks Voters Are A Bunch Of Gullible Fools

At this point, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam should be chased from office for continuing to treat voters like they’re a bunch of credulous idiots.

If you had dressed up as a Klansman or put on blackface for a costume party when you were a 24-year-old student, would you remember the incident? Smearing black makeup all over your face to look like Michael Jackson or draping yourself in a white sheet to cosplay a racist cross-burner—even way back in 1984 Virginia—wasn’t just another Saturday night out drinking with friends. It would take a bit of effort. It might be noticed. It might even make the yearbook.

If someone accused me of attending a costume party dressed as a member of the Schutzstaffel, I would be exceptionally confident in my answer. Yet Northam couldn’t initially recall if he was the one wearing blackface or the one wearing the KKK robe in the 1984 Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook photo with his name attached—which is definitely a weird thing to be unsure about....

One also imagines that people like CNN’s Chris Cuomo wouldn’t be “okay” with moving on if a conservative governor had been seen wearing blackface. “If you hold on to your guns, and you wait,” he told Anderson Cooper yesterday, “there is a good chance that if the media can’t make it happen soon, they will go away.” A skeptic may note that the way the Northam stories have been covered tells us that the media doesn’t want it to happen....

In a decent world, Northam would have stepped down after casually describing and defending legal infanticide while discussing a Democratic Party bill that would have allowed abortion until the very moment of birth without any restrictions. But don’t worry, you survived, governor. You can stop treating everyone like a bunch of gullible fools.

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