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Friday, May 10, 2019

The David French problem.

David French says he's a Christian (I take him at his word) who despises Donald Trump for his sins.  Christian theology tells us we are all sinners and we should eschew sin.  Reading French I get the impression that the sins that trouble French the most are sexual in nature.  

He then goes on to condemn Franklin Graham for condemning Bill Clinton for the sexual sins while passing over Trumps’s sexual transgressions.  A case can be made that Graham is a hypocrite regarding sexual immorality.  In defense of Graham, it should be noted that Trump is accused of consensual sex while Clinton is accused of rape.  Both Christian and secular morality note that there is a difference.  Beyond the issue of private morality, as a matter of public policy, it should be noted that Trump protects Christians from attacks by the Left whereas Clinton (and his wife) do not.  

I have no problem with theologians condemning sinners of all political persuasions.  But French is writing in a political publication, not a religious one.  The religious community is assumed to have a Republican and Conservative orientation.  That’s why French is even a factor in discussions held by the Right side of the political spectrum.  He is operating in the political arena, not the theological one.  He's a political sniper hiding behind religious camouflage.  Let’s not let him get away with drawing invidious comparisons.  He’s saying that if you are as sexually pure as Adolf Hitler – who married Eve Braun as his regime was ending - and it’s a choice between Adolf and The Donald, you should be drawn to the one who spent less time bedding playmates.  

The American people made a choice of fully understanding the choices they were making.  Trump’s sexual antics were the talk of the country decades before the election.  After the Billy Bush tape, no one could pretend that Donald Trump was a choir boy and Trump never pretended to be anyone other than he was.  No one doubts that he paid hush money to strippers and Playboy Models he bedded.  His denials are strictly pro-forma.

The people voted for him because he was the better alternative to a political and moral philosophy of the Left - the political movement that hates America and despises Christianity.   To make the case that the standard bearer that opposes that Left and supports Christians as a matter of public policy is profoundly immoral.  I care not a whit if David French believes he is a follower of Christ in his personal life, David French should be profoundly repudiated.   

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