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Monday, March 01, 2021

Conservatives need to stop treating virtue signaling as if it didn’t matter.

This summer corporate America cheered on BLM and Antifa as they burned our cities. Now, Twitter and Facebook openly censor information, while Nasdaq asks the government to sanction their stringent new diversity mandates. These news items hammer out a familiar beat, offering a clear glimpse into our future. It is long past time to get smart on what this phenomenon truly represents. 

The phrase “woke capitalism” often refers to the way multinational corporations ensure their advertisements reflect the latest woke pieties. It should be defined more broadly as the institutionalization of Left social doctrine by America’s top corporations—and the purge of any American who refuses to submit. 

We all know Twitter suspends conservative voices at will, and that Google blocks conservative sites. Other tech companies like PayPal, Patreon, and Facebook censor anyone they deem unacceptable. But it’s a mistake to focus solely on deplatforming. Woke capitalism goes much further. 

Behind closed doors, corporations hold seminars in which Ivy League professors, or other TED Talk types, explain that capitalism is racist and needs to be corrected with massive redistributions. More visibly, Goldman Sachs refuses to work on IPOs if the company is run by straight white males, Microsoft won’t hire law firms that fail to meet diversity requirements, and Credit Suisse created an equity index to track policies.

Bank of America pledged to donate one billion dollars over four years to fight racial inequality, and J.P Morgan pledged $30 billion over five years to lend explicitly based on race. The administrative state agencies supervising corporate compliance back these measures to the hilt. ...

 Woke Capitalism is not an aberration. It’s not going to be stopped by phony senators writing stern letters. It’s not a silliness that will go away. It’s not something constrained to Silicon Valley. The largest businesses in this country are run by a Leninist suicide cult that grows from our economic arrangements, and it’s going to be difficult to fight one without meaningful change in the other. Republicans must stop funding people who hate them, and instead build political infrastructure that actually helps their voters.


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