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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Shunning Little Green Footballs

Charles Johnson made his reputation at Little Green Footballs by helping debunk Dan Rather’s pathetic attempts to smear Bush with phony National Guard documents. He also spends a lot of time documenting the Islamofascists phenomenon. In fact this latter issue is his primary focus.

But he seems to have a bee in his bonnet about evolution. It’s a theory he cherishes, adores and holds dear. And he will not let an opportunity pass to smear or otherwise demean people who believe in God.

Have you ever been in a situation where someone you thought was on your side, reveals something that made you wish that he was not identified with you? Made you want to leave the room? That's how I feel about Johnson.

I’m sorry to say that this is an ugly side of Johnson that has made his blog something that I now wish to avoid. It makes you wonder what other issues he’s rabid about.


Anonymous said...

I recently discovered the same thing. He has lost another reader.

davod said...

He is also derrisive of the Right Wing parties in Europe who are defending European Jews while atacking Muslim immgration.

These are the same parties who are attacked by skinheads and Muslims.

Anonymous said...

After having posted at LGF for quite some time, I dumped the site on the night of the election and haven't been back since. Johnson went on a tirade against religious conservatives (of which I am not, BTW) and his pouting was ridiculous; I found his stance condescending and sophomoric. It made me consider why anyone should interpret Johnson's views on anything as relevant.

Format-wise, LGF itself is nothing more than a hub of links to stories which are of interest to Charles Johnson and found elsewhere on the web. In my estimation, he has yet to provide any evidence that he can introduce any particular insight or keen analytical skills of his own (as opposed to this site, BTW)-- it's overwhelmingly just a collection of outside links.

Yet he has garnered a flock of sycophantic devotees who use the comments section primarily as a chat board; rarely is any intelligent argumentation engaged in about the topic-at-hand (especially after the first fifty or so comments), since those who dissent from the Johnsonian line are hurriedly deemed trolls and savagely ridiculed. In fact, many regulars revel in their ability to "troll thump."

Because of this devotion (and the overseer's power to ban commenters), Johnson has therefore developed an unbearable ego (the degree to which he bans outspoken dissenters is evidence that he won't abide any pointed insurrection against his views) and considers himself vastly more important than reality would dictate. Even though there are many specific issues upon which he and I would assuredly agree, IMO Charles Johnson hadly merits the hosannahs which Charles Johnson apparently thinks he deserves.

In fact, a site comprised of (mostly) ex-LFGers is now up and running: