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Sunday, November 18, 2012


In 37 Chicago Precincts, Romney Received No Votes

OUTPERFORMING ENVER HOXHA.  Results like this are typically found  on Communist dictatorships, although in those places they usually give a few tenths of a percent to the "opposition" to make it look as if there is an opposition. 

In critical swing states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Illinois there are a lot of precincts in Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Chicago which reported 100% of their votes cast for Obama. These add up to many 10's of thousands of votes for Obama and 0 for Romney. I repeat, 0 for Romney. I have read a number of articles about this and people knowlegable in Political Science and Statistics are starting to take notice of this.Statistically, even if among 10's of thousands of voters all wanted to vote for Obama, it would not be possible to receive 100% of the vote because at least a few would make a mistake and vote incorrectly for Romney. Not to mention the fact that a least a few of those 10's of thousands might actually disagree with Obama. These types of election returns are only seen in countries run by dictators.
It appears that the Obama machine in Philadelphia actually beat the Chicago machine in rigging the election.  Philadelphia had 59 precincts that voted 100% for Obama, Chicago only 37. 

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