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Friday, November 16, 2012


Obama reports for more photo ops. Sandy victims continue to suffer.

The press was given another opportunity to tell us how wonderful Obama is.  Democrat politicians told him how wonderful he is.

As for the people affected,
”Help Us Obama Please Now!”  [said a sign held by some poor deluded fool]
....the first and only resident we were able to speak with expressed dissatisfaction with some of the help they have received since the storm.

At the tents, a man named Al Bevacqua said “it seems like FEMA can’t do anything without the insurance companies,” which he accused of putting him and other Staten Islanders “on hold.” On Cedar Grove Avenue, just before the president spoke to the group we talked to a woman named Stacy Chifando who said she had suffered serious consequences from the storm and was disappointed with the help she subsequently received from FEMA.

“We just really want to get back on our feet and FEMA’s not doing too much to help us right now,” said Ms. Chifando.

She went on to explain that many of the residents had not received the funds for temporary housing they hoped to obtain from FEMA.

“They tell us we need computers, but there’s no power. We don’t have computers,” she said.

The real purpose of the trip was found at the end:
After the speeches, President Obama parted ways with the local officials.

“Alright guys, hang in there,” he said.

Before departing in his motorcade, the president walked over to another group of locals for a final round of handshakes, photos and hugs.

“Hey everybody. Let me shake hands with some folks,” he said. “How’s it going everybody?”

At that point, we were ushered back into the press vans and were unable to hear their answers.

People are just extras in the never-ending Obama movie.

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