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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Police are not there to protect you.

Don't beleive that?  So they say in court. 
A madman kills four, NYPD manhunt follows. Two officers are in a subway cab when the madman enters the car, and they do nothing to stop him. He stabs a passenger right next to them, who in turn wrestles him down, at which point the NYPD folks finally emerge. Now he sues the city, and it of course argues that it has no legal duty to protect the citizenry.
Now, give up your guns!

Who cares? He's toast.
you will be toast as well when it no longer suits them to protect your neighborhood. serve and protect went out the window with the camo fatigues and bloused boots, with the m4 for a traffic stop, with a no-knock swat raid for unpaid parking tickets. we are in a police state that thinks is military under fire, baghdad style. it f-u and cover it now.
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