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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Who set the fire that burned the cabin with Dorner in it?

Did Dorner set the fire that burned him to death, did the police, or was Chris Dorner Torched Waco Style?

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Who cares? He's toast.
who cares? YOU should. ever heard of due process? 4th amendment? 5th amendment? how can you expect fair treatment at the hands of law enforcement and the court if you aren't willing to afford the same for an accused killer? this is what happens when we play fast and loose with the constitution.
Attorney Janet Reno set the standard with Illian Gonzales, and then the Branch Dividians.
actually she set the standard, or rather let the standard be set at waco. tho to give her credit, she was lied to by her own people,the fbi.
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