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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


President's Office Vacant, It's All Congress' Fault.

The office of President seems to be vacant. At least that's the impression one gets reading the Virginian Pilot about the upcoming sequester. Congress' leaders have failed U.S. screams the lead editorial. In it we learn that "Congress is on a nine-day vacation." No word on someone named Obama's vacation to golf in Florida with Tiger Woods.

With no President in office all of our editorial venom is aimed at Congress.

Its members - fractious, partisan, greedy - have done nearly nothing for the country they claim to serve, turning Congress into the least effective lawmaking body in generations.

Rewriting history it seems is a job that American editorial writers can do, hence we learn that the idea for the sequester came from Congress (see how you can lie while appearing to tell the truth?)...
Since 2011, when Congress created "the sequester"
Neatly sent down the memory hole is the fact that the sequester was the brainchild of the White House. And yesterday we saw a video clip of somebody named Obama promising to veto any move by Congress to overturn the sequester. But that clip was shown on FOX News and is therefore not part of reality. By the way, who is this Obama fellow and who is he to be threatening a veto?  We thought that vetoes were a Presidential prerogative.

As an illustration of two papers in one we have the very same editorial, which just finished telling us the world was ending if the miniscule cuts embedded in the dread sequester were actually implemented, praising larger cuts including those in the paper's favorite welfare programs.
It [Simpson Bowles] offers one way forward, another $2.4 trillion in budget cuts for the next decade with a mixture of tax reform, cuts in Medicare and Medicaid and changes to the way inflation-related increases are calculated.
Oh, for the good old days of George Bush when everything was all his fault.  Oh, wait.  With no one else occupying the office of President, it must remain his fault. 

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