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Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Don't blame the Democrats, ObamaCare was brought to you by the MSM

The entire ObamaCare debacle is really the product of the MSM (Main Stream Media.)
They sold the public the fable that there was a health care crisis that need solving.
They created the narrative that uninsured people don't get health care.
They told their audience that people who opposed ObamaCare wanted poor people to die.
They convinced their readers that the government really was capable of managing the health care of 300+ million people.
They used their megaphone to convince their viewers that Republicans were waging a war on women, that Paul Ryan wanted to push their grandmothers off a cliff. They demonized the Tea Party as racist, redneck terrorists.
They pushed our warnings about flaws in ObamaCare down the "memory hole."
They touted the superlative credentials of the people designing and implementing ObamaCare.

In the words of Matthew Yglesias before the rollout: "I’ve got a new column up about the White House’s plans for the rollout of the Obamacare exchanges and I wanted to once again take the opportunity to lay down a marker and say once again that Obamacare implementation is going to be a huge political success."

But Yglesias was just one of thousands of MSM voices throughout the country. 
They used their megaphone to amplify Obama's lie that if you like your insurance and your doctor you could keep both, plus you would save $2500 under ObamaCare.

You never saw it coming because the MSM hid the truth from you while Obama was "cooling the mark." The "mark" is you and the MSM is laughing at you behind your back for being a fool, while telling you to your face that your problems are the fault of the people who tried to tell the truth.
They are telling you that the insurance you wanted to keep was a scam. That you are too stupid to make your own choices. That you really don't want the doctor you have been seeing for years and they will choose your doctor, and hospital and treatment for you. And you'll like it because they know what's best.
Don't blame the Democrats, ObamaCare was brought to you by the MSM, from the editors at the NY Times down to the local fishwrap in Podunk City.  If you really want to get mad at someone, don't shake your fist at someone in Washington DC, organize a rally at your local media outlet. 

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The MSM is just the propaganda arm of the Democrats. Remember the "Journolistas"? They are the exact same thing. Anybody who is foolish enough to pay money for a newspaper is essentially making a contribution to the DNC.
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