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Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Kerry Dougherty thinks you are a terminal disease.

Kerry Dougherty thinks you are a terminal disease.

She was quoting Larry Saboto, but she apparently agrees. Here’s Kerry on the major candidates.
One candidate was dishonest. The other hated women.
It's a wonder anyone went to the polls.
"These two candidates are among the worst I've ever seen," declared the University of Virginia's Larry Sabato during an election eve appearance on Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show."
"Virginians have a choice between a far-right-wing Tea Party social conservative and a Democrat who's been guilty of sleazy business deals and questionable fundraising," Sabato sighed.
"I've never seen unfavorable ratings this high for both of the major-party candidates," he added, as a graphic flashed on the screen showing that only 24 percent of Virginia voters had a favorable impression of the Democrat and only 29 percent liked the Republican.
Virginia's premier pundit said the situation was so dire this year, "I had one person tell me it was like a choice between a heart attack and cancer."
Terminal diseases. That sums it up nicely.
Any wonder so many held their noses Tuesday as they picked the lesser of two little men?
"I may not vote; I'm serious," whispered one of my yoga pals from her mat early Tuesday. "I hate them both. Really hate them."
By late afternoon, Twitter was on fire with posts from disgruntled Virginia voters.
"Would rather have a crook than a crazy, which is why this Republican just voted for McAuliffe for Governor," one person tweeted.
"Dear ladies in Va.," tweeted another. "Plz vote with your brain and not fall for the same old uterus crap. You are more intelligent than that!"
So let’s ignore for a second what Kerry thinks about McAuliffe, the guy who made $18 million in Global Crossings stock sales shortly before the company declared bankruptcy and threw about 10,000 people out of work.
Here’s what she thinks about you Tea Party people. You’re “far right” kooks who hate women. That would be a surprise to the young girls, mothers pushing their strollers, businessmen and retirees, black and white at the first Tea Party rally I attended in Virginia Beach several years ago. You Tea Partyers are a terminal disease to electoral politics in the Old Dominion.
Oh, and you’re racist bigots who hate black people and if you’re black you are a self-hating black. You’re a homophobic knuckle dragger who want to deny people their rights. You’re gun toting rednecks who believe that a women’s place is barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. And you listen to Rush Limbaugh and watch FOX News, you stupid racists.

Don’t try to deny it; it’s true what they say about your because you can read all about it in the Virginian Pilot.

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Its a very sad state of politics today that it seems the biggest issues in these political races is not spending, or jobs, or integrity, or tackling our failing infrastructure, or an entitlement mentality out of control, but rather preserving the right to kill our unborn children if we are so unlucky to conceive because the other most important thing is availability of free birth control.

Today if someone is in favor of preserving the life of a new life they are called crazy; in the same camp as those people who still believe that marriage is for men and women, biological men and women.

Just experiencing the joy of a new grand child brings into such sharp focus the totally appalling abortion industry that makes its millions tearing the unborn limb from limb because they are inconvenient. I can only imagine the horror of having this ever so helpless, vulnerable, yet with such a strong personality at a mere four months of age destroyed. As for hating women half of those being destroyed are women just like my beautiful little grand daughter.

I would describe hating women in a whole different vein, hating women is making them believe that destroying the unborn should be an unimpeded right up to the moment of birth. Hating women is destroying their God given nurturing nature and making them feel inadequate as a person unless they pack their kids off to daycare at the first opportunity for someone else to raise while they find fulfillment in the work place. Because being a stay at home mom and teaching your values to you own offspring is such an unmitigated bore.

So I am proudly a right wing kook. I believe in God, Life from conception, and marriage between one man and one woman. I listen to Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin and I will not vote for Chris Christy for president nor give one dime to the good for nothing Republican Party.
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