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Tuesday, November 05, 2013


ObamaCare hits the barrier. What now?

You've seen the movies where they test cars for crashworthiness. 
ObamaCare is like one of those slow-motion wrecks you see when they test cars. 
The first thing to hit the barrier is the bumper:  that was the rollout of the non-functioning website. 
Then the hood begins to crumple:   think cancellation notices hitting mailboxes.
The windshield shatters:  sticker shock as the middle class figures out who's paying for the free-riders.  
Wait for the rest of the movie when those getting their insurance through their employers find out what's going to happen to them.
In a car crash this bad, repair is not an option.  This mess cannot simply be reversed.  To go back to the car analogy, there are too many things wrecked.  The status quo ante is gone.  
We do, however, have an opportunity to get a new car, one without the rattles and dings of the old one. 
This could be a golden opportunity for the Right joined by the Libertarians to come up with a new health care model; a model for the 21st century.  Where no one dies for lack of care but freedom and individual choice are front and center.  Where patient and doctor are not separated from each other by government or insurance companies.   Where comparison shopping is encouraged and overuse of medical services cost the abuser money.  Where tests are done for medical reasons rather than to create a paper trail to avoid lawsuits.  By ending, finally and forever, the lawyers-suing-doctors-to-get-rich industry, a Democrat (see John Edwards) specialty.
 The first step is to point out that Obama and the Left tried to sell us on the old and sclerotic European models that are now breaking down, leaving death in their wake.  They tried to sell us a used Yugo.
We actually have a great opportunity, and it's been handed to us by none other than Barack Obama if we have the vision to see it. 

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