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Friday, January 09, 2015


Imposing Islamic Culture

Bud Norman on the Gathering Storm
Europe is being forced to confront the broader war within its own borders. Shortsighted immigration policies have left many European nations with large Muslim populations that are rapidly growing while the indigenous ethnic population is at or below replacement levels, and the newcomers are not assimilating to the existing cultures but rather attempting to impose their own culture on their hosts.

The political consequences are either submission of the original culture to Islam or ...

Anti-immigration parties are finding increased support across Europe, and although the European and American press like to describe them all as “right wing” some are merely urging reasonable restrictions on immigration and assimilation policies for those already in the country along with the same sort of economic agenda that conservatives offer in America, but there are parties with a more authoritarian style that will also make gains in countries where the more established parties refuse to offer viable solutions to the pressing problems posed by an increasingly radicalized Muslim population. Wherever any resistance to the Islamic immigration is considered beyond the respectable limits of discourse, the disreputable parties will become increasingly popular.

Students of history know that Hitler was = for many Germans - the preferred alternative to the economic and cultural chaos in Post WW1 Germany.

The gathering storm in the U.S.

The United States has a smaller, albeit growing, Muslim population, and it is not segregated and alienated to the same extent as In Europe. Nor are the parameters of the debate about Islam’s uneasy coexistence with the West so severely restricted, despite the best efforts of politicians and the academy and the establishment press and the entertainment industry. The death toll from radical Islam’s war against the West is nonetheless high here, and likely to grow higher, and the same willing blindness to the problem too often prevails at the highest levels of power. The anti-social ethos that Theodore Dalrymple describes in the ghettos outside Paris is eerily similar to what is found in the ghettos within America’s cities, right down to hip-hop music and fashion and government-subsidized bling, and the reaction by America’s intellectual elites to its anti-social and police-hating ethos is pretty much the same, and all that’s missing is radical Islam’s appeal to the spiritual void of those angry young men and its promise of something more meaningful. Post-modern Europe has nothing similar to offer, and America needs to recall the vision that once served that purpose.

The same apologetic and appeasing offer of debilitating support that America has offered its ghettos since launching a “War on Poverty” is what it now offers the Islamic world, but generous welfare systems and a condescending multi-culturalism are no more likely to work here than in France.

When you see the growing number of Black women wearing hijabs and Black men sporting bushy beards when neither one has ever set foot in the Middle East you know that they are rejecting Western culture and adopting an adversarial position to the native culture. There are many facets of the Ruling Class culture of which Middle America disapproves. We do not have to man the ramparts to defend Hollywood's culture or the anti-family, anti-Christian subcultures that have sprung up in America. But we have to be careful that in our battle over the culture we do not watch our backs only to find that Islam has become the greater threat.  Unfortunately, the Ruling Class seems to know only one way of dealing with its enemies, to buy them off.  And as Norman says, that isn't working in France and won't work here.

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