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Wednesday, January 07, 2015


Democrats and Dinner with a pedophile

You get to know a lot about people by those they hang out with.  
On the evening of December 2nd, 2010, a handful of America's media and entertainment elite—including TV anchors Katie Couric and George Stephanopoulos, comedienne Chelsea Handler, and director Woody Allen—convened around the dinner table of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. It wasn't just any dining room, but part of a sprawling nine-story townhouse that once housed an entire preparatory school. And it wasn't just any sex offender, but an enigmatic billionaire who had once flown the likes of former President Bill Clinton and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak around the world on his own Boeing 727. Last spring, Epstein completed a 13-month sentence for soliciting prostitution from a minor in Palm Beach. Now he was hosting a party for his close friend, Britain's Prince Andrew, fourth in line to the throne.

Keep this in mind when you recall that Obama hung around with racist preachers, Leftist bombers, crooked politicians and slum lords.

Bob McDonnell just got two years for accepting a Rolex watch.  He made the mistake of being a Republican.

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