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Thursday, January 08, 2015


The future belongs to those who have a better idea

Barack H. Obama and his acolytes have now been reminded numerous times of his famous words before the United Nations General Assembly when he blamed a video which no one had ever seen for the attack in Benghazi.  The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam” 

The Islamist followers of the Prophet agreed wholeheartedly with Barack H. Obama and killed 12 "infidels" to underscore their agreement.

The Washington Times today led with the headline

 Paris newspaper shooting exposes rift in Muslim-Europe relationships 

 and went on to say ...
The grisly Islamist terrorist assault that left 12 people dead at a French satirical magazine Wednesday came against a backdrop of mounting xenophobia and tension boiling over Western Europe, where traditionally secular societies are struggling to absorb surging Muslim immigrant populations ...

Mr. Landis said the attackers mostly likely sought to feed rising European fears of what some anti-Muslim groups have dubbed a rising “Eurabia.”

The rise of the term coincides with a wider question about whether nations like France have simply failed to successfully absorb such immigrants, either economically or culturally.

God bless the Washington Times but this bit of news analysis is incredibly wrong-headed stupid.

In the first place, that "surging Muslim population" does not wish to assimilate. There are portions of Paris where police dare not go and throughout Europe Muslims are importing their customs and enforcing them by killing those who disagree.   Authorities in England turned a blind eye to Muslims gang-raping young girls in accord with Qur’anic allowance for the sexual enslavement of infidel women.  Google "Muslim trouble in" and up will pop a list of countries including France, Germany, England, Sweden, Australia, even the US.  

The governments in Europe, as well as cultural leaders in the US have worked to help Muslims enforce their cultural standards.

The murders in Paris are only the latest atrocities in a longstanding war against anyone making critical comments regarding anything Islamic, which began during Mohammad’s lifetime and has been especially troublesome since the fatwa was issued by the mullahs of Iran against Salman Rushdie in 1989. Since then the Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh has been brutally murdered, the publishers of a Danish publication have gone in hiding, riots have raged through Egypt over a rarely seen YouTube video, and now 12 brave Frenchmen are dead. The response from the same western civilization that once protected free speech as a foremost value has thus far been acquiescent. The Dutch politician Geert Wilders was tried under his country’s restrictive “hate speech” laws for questioning the wisdom of unfettered immigration from Muslim countries, the masterful essayist Mark Steyn has found himself on trial before a Canadian “Human Rights Commission,” and Van Gogh’s courageously outspoken collaborator Aayan Hirsi Ali has been forced to leave the country for America and been banned from the graduation ceremonies of this country, where the maker of that rarely seen YouTube video was also sent to prison on questionable parole violations after the government officially condemned his views and falsely blamed him for the murder of four Americans at a consulate in Libya.
The Washington Times reporter, Guy Taylor,  then goes on to label the concerns of native Europeans as "xenophobia."  Referring to Europe as a secular society makes it appear that what's going on is Europe is similar to the dispute we have between people who want to put the baby Jesus on the courthouse lawn at Christmas and the ACLU.  Blaming France for failing to absorb immigrants who are culturally and religiously the opposite of Frenchmen - and wish to stay that way - is the kind of thing that is altogether too typical of members of the media.   

Third, the killers motives are pretty clear.  They stated them as they killed the 12 people who died in the attack.  They were avenging the honor of the prophet.  Feeding fears of "Eurabia" may be the outcome but the idea that they were murdering people with the express purpose to heighten fears of the Islamization of Europe has it exactly backward.   The attack was a warning not to oppose them, not to mock them and to defer to them.  

It remains to be seen whose side the ruling class in these countries are on.  And whose side will win. 

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