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Friday, January 23, 2015


"This isn't ISIS"

Tom Brady hit the right note. As the press obsesses over the correct air pressure in a football, ignoring Obama's obvious lies in his just completed - and little watched - State of the Union address.

So little attention has been paid to ISIS lately that President Barack Obama was able to boast in his State of the Union address that an American-led coalition has stopped the terror gang’s advances without drawing a derisive laugh from his audience. That claim is not corroborated by any press reports we’ve been able to hunt down, and will surely come as a surprise to the unfortunate residents of Mosul and Fallujah and numerous other cities that once enjoyed the protection of American troops but are now beleaguered by ISIS’ murderous gangs, and is acknowledged as a falsehood by Pentagon officials, but that’s easily overlooked when there’s a charge afoot that a professional football team might have deflated a ball. The president further claimed that Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has been halted, that Iran has halted its nuclear weapons program in gratitude for the president’s protection from economic sanctions, and that he somehow deserves credit for America’s recent oil boom, but until some photogenic sports star draws attention to such balderdash it will also go largely unnoticed.

When there are serious issues - like the proper amount of air pumped into a football - the press knows its priorities.  It is on it like white on rice, grateful for being able to ignore the increasingly desperate plight of the middle class and the spread of a deadly virus known as radical Islam. 

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