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Sunday, January 11, 2015


Grubering Junior College

Kerry Daugherty wrote a fairly sensible column in the Virginian Pilot today. She made the point that Obama’s promise of “free” junior college was a deception. She said that “… he's [Obama’s] treating Americans as people who lack critical-thinking skills.” Because, of course, Junior college will not be free, just like primary schools are not free, roads are not free, garbage collection isn’t free and ObamaPhones are not free. But she pulled her punch. Perhaps because she wanted to get her column printed.

She should have said that we’re being “Grubered,” a verb that came into vogue following the now-infamous series of outbursts by MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber about how the Obama administration depended on the stupidity of the American people to pass ObamaCare.

You can be sure that the Gruber-aping editorial board of the Virginian Pilot was be in full throated support of “free” junior college and spend tons of ink condemning the knuckle-dragging, sister-marrying, anti-science Republicans for their war on education.

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