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Sunday, February 15, 2015



Obama sends regrets.  Wonders who dunnit.

Now what we have to fear is the backlash to these totally random shootings.

“Before the Danes get on their high horse let’s recall the many Viking atrocities.”

Now we have a random shooting at a random place of worship in Denmark.

Two shootings now. More violence according to our reactionary pro-islamofascist president.

@rogerlsimon @PJMedia_com Against these "random folks" who aimlessly wander in and out of synagogues and kosher delis just to pass the time

So is the shooting at the synagogue in Copenhagen the result of Islamophobia, or just random?

Sadden to hear of the shooting at a Synogogue of some random folk in Copenhagen. (by peaceful people.)

Just another random shooting of some folks - who have nothing to do with Judaism, kind of.

@redsteeze random folks , with random guns, shooting random folks , in random places, for random reasons. Exactly

3 Muslims shot in a parking lot - hate crime. People shot outside of a synagogue - Will be classified as totally random.

Does the guy running around Copenhagen shooting people know any of their names? Maybe @PressSec can tell us.

There was a shooting in ? I didn't know they had in Copenhagen.

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